Note that apple users will generally get their releases later, as the build and review process is longer and requires a Mac. Also, occasionally, we’ll do two releases on Android while iOS just skips one due to those circumstances. The indicated release dates are Android release dates, Apple can be about a week delayed.

Upcoming (Unreleased)

These changes are coming in the next release!

Contact us at if you want to become a tester.

Version 1.9

2021, August 25th


Major profile redesign Contact invite redesign Performance and stability improvements


Version 1.8

2021, August 22nd

What’s New

I found some time for the app again and we got some great updates to make this app a lot more social!


  • “My Runs” have been moved to the Profile page
  • Inviting users via the address book is now possible
  • A feed for runs from followed users is now available
  • Runs can be nonpublic now (for followers and people with a direct share link)
  • Further explanation about SameRun has been added to the tutorial
  • Distance is removed from runs to simplify the app


  • It’s no longer possible to save a run in the past
  • A bug where an own run would not become joinable without a manual refresh is fixed
  • Multiple upstream upgrades and bugfixes
  • Various minor fixes

Version 1.7

2021, July

What’s New

We are finally getting followers, so you can stay up to date on the runs of other people!


  • A user profile page exists
  • Users now have a short bio
  • User profiles can be shared
  • Users have followers and can be followed


  • Translation updates
  • Minor fixes under the hood

Version 1.6

2021, July 23

What’s New

With this release we welcome strollers and bikers to our app as we’ve seen several non runners using it!

We also are proud to add AI based noise cancellation to all our runs!


  • Runs can be of type Walk/Run/Bike now
  • Noise suppression was added for the actual runs
  • Add notifications for removed commitment
  • Add notifications for cancelled runs
  • Add notifications for moved runs


  • Committers are getting reloaded live now
  • Date and time on run creation are more prominently displayed
  • Initially proposed time for new runs is rounded to the next hour


  • A run is now only savable once also if no internet connection is available
  • Runs become joinable at their time without reload
  • A bug where deeplinks kept opening has been resolved
  • Further minor bugfixes

Version 1.5

2021, July 19

What’s New


  • Runs can have descriptions now!
  • Runs can have spoken languages now!
  • Runs have a detail page.
  • Sharing a run includes a direct link now that:
    • Opens the app if installed
    • Opens the respective app store on smartphones
    • Shows basic run details on desktop
  • Ask for confirmation before deleting a run
  • Ask for confirmation before leaving a run via back button
  • Run host is highlighted now.
  • Runlist has a swipe down reloader now.


  • Add a loader for committed runners
  • Committed runners are sorted alphabetically now


  • Fix a bug where committed runners aren’t properly reloaded after uncommitting from a run.
  • Improved reporting for error cases.

Version 1.4

2021, July 12

What’s New

  • ADDITION: German translation available now (based on Phone system language)

Version 1.3

2021, July 10

What’s New

  • ADDITION: Add nickname to user profile
  • ADDITION: Add profile picture to user profile
  • ADDITION: Show runners signed up for a run
  • ADDITION: Show notifications when people commit to my runs
  • IMPROVEMENT: More consistent loader indicators
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use consistent textbox style
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reorganize links into a drawer menu
  • BUGFIX: Various minor fixes

Version 1.2

2021, July 9

Minor fixes and quality of live improvements.

What’s New

  • ADDITION: Show number of users in active channel
  • IMPROVEMENT: Optimize audio call for better speech quality
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved handling for connection interruptions
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add splash screen
  • IMPROVEMENT: Images for tutorials are packed into the app now
  • BUGFIX: Recapture audio device when e.g. receiving calls during a run

Version 1.1

2021, July 7th

Because the apple review process was longer than our development time, we decided to push a couple of extra features right for the launch that we developed while waiting for them.

What’s New

  • ADDITION: Intro tutorial
  • ADDITION: Show past and future committed runs
  • ADDITION: Let people share runs
  • ADDITION: Allow setting duration instead of distance
  • IMPROVEMENT: Complete home screen redesign

Initial Release

Version 1.0

Beginning of July 2021

After only 4 days development time, we built an MVP and started running with it!

Our initial featureset includes:

  • Join runs (anonymously possibly)
  • Login with phone number
  • Create and edit runs
  • Runs stay active in the background